Youth Exploring Afrocentric Responses to Climate Change

Crafting better, fairer futures is as much about crafting and recrafting identity as it is about any process of physical transformation. 

Filmmakers Lunga Makhonxa and Daniel Robinson explain in their film Afrocentric Climate Culture, there is a need to support young people to understand the impacts of climate change so that they can inspire and mobilise others. However, too few young people are thinking critically about where the knowledge about climate change comes from. 

As Africans and South Africans, there is a need to take ownership of our own knowledge and wisdom so that we can craft the kinds of authentic responses to climate change in our regions. 

In order to do this, Lunga explains that there is a need to link global climate knowledge with local knowledge and local resources that speak to local issues and provide local solutions. 

We made this film to show that there are young people in South Africa who really care about climate justice. It is our hope that more young people can be inspired to take action for climate justice in their own communities” the duo explains. 

To get the full story on how youth are leading conversations around climate change watch their full three minute film shot in Cape Town. 

This post was written by Luke Meterlerkamp, Digital Weavers