Webinar – Re-imagining UK Education Research Partnerships in the South: Prospects for Mutual and Equitable Relationships

Event Date : 18 November 2020

This webinar is an opportunity for sharing evidence, experiences, strategies and plans for the purpose of collectively re-imagining the relationships and responsibilities of UK-based researchers engaged in education partnerships in the former colonised countries of the South. This conversation takes place in the GCRF era, a UK Government intervention intended to stimulate and fund research that addresses complex and interconnected social and environmental global challenges through international, interdisciplinary and multi-stakeholder partnerships. GCRF calls for “meaningful and equitable research relationships between UK research institutions and developing country partners” as a basis for the co-production of knowledge and mutual capacity development.

Efforts to establish such relationships occur within a wider global context shaped by the ongoing legacies of the UK’s colonial history. These include unequally resourced national and institutional research environments, established theory that is largely framed by the perspectives and concerns of Western researchers, and political agendas that seek to maximise the UK’s global influence and access to international markets (rather than, say, the desire for reparative justice).

Evidence from UK-funded education research partnerships indicates persistent inequalities at the levels of access to research partnerships (e.g. by geographical location, institution, gender) and participation within these partnerships, in terms of the inequitable division of intellectual labour and rewards. This event proceeds from the recognition that these are UK problems, reflecting how research is conceived, conducted, funded, managed, incentivised and evaluated in our own context.

In bringing together representatives from universities, research centres and associations working in the education space, the webinar seeks to promote dialogue and understanding around the questions: What, if anything, can be done to redress inequities within UK-funded international education research partnerships? And, what in particular are the responsibilities of UK-based researchers?

The event is divided into three sections:

  1. Evidence and experiences of challenges and inequities
  2. Strategies and plans (including launch of the TESF Background Paper Mobilising capacities for Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures: Opening spaces for collaborative action and learning)
  3. Roundtable discussion of issues and next steps

SpeakersDr Rafael Mitchell (School of Education, University of Bristol), Dr Tigist Grieve (School of Education, University of Bristol), Dr Kelsey Shanks (GCRF Challenge Leader for Education Research, Ulster University);   Dr Maria Teresa Pinto Ocampo (National University of Colombia), Professor Isabella Aboderin (Perivoli Africa Research Centre, University of Bristol) and Dr Ashley Jay Brockwell (London Interdisciplinary School)

This event is part of the School of Education’s Bristol Conversations in Education research seminar series. These seminars are free and open to the public.

Co-hosted by the Centre for Comparative and International Research in Education (CIRE)TESF and the International Development Research Group

A video recording of the webinar is available here.