That’s a wrap! Film submissions close with a bang for TESF filmmakers

December marked the culmination of more than a year’s worth of training, feedback and creative hard work by TESF network filmmakers. As many projects approached the end of their grant period, 22 filmmakers from across the world donned their story-telling hats and captured their research in film. 

Over 19 submissions came in from 17 projects from all four TESF hub countries. “This was far more than we’d been hoping for and is testament to how much the projects have enjoyed exploring this new medium and the value they see in sharing their research in more easily digestible ways”, says Rosie Downey, who spearheaded the filmmaking process. “My role has been to help grantees hone in on the core messages within their work, sifting through the diversity of insights filmmakers have developed as part of this network, and distilling their messaging down into just one or two key insights. Given the real diversity of the TESF network, this has been an exceptionally enriching and rewarding process. I’m really grateful to all the grantees who trusted us with their work” says Rosie. 

Casting an eye over all the submissions confirms Rosie’s statement about the diversity of the TESF network’s work. From deserts of Somalia to the kitchens of Makhanda, primary school classrooms of Bangalore to farmlands of Rwanda. 

The work has been geographically diverse, but it’s when you dig down into the content, that the real diversity of TESF’s approach towards educational transformations really shines out. From the transformation of intimate personal relationships within the home, to rangeland management practices and almost everything in between, the films which have emerged are testament to the power of learning and unlearning as we strive to shape a better future for people and plant alike. 

We hope that through film, the work of these researchers will be honoured and amplified.  

Watch this space for announcements about our film showcase! 

Written by Luke Metelerkamp