TESF Public Launch Videos

We launched our Network Plus on 6 January 2020 at a well-attended public event in Bristol, UK. A full list of videos covering the event are available here.

The launch included an introduction to TESF by our Principal Investigator, Leon Tikly. Leaders of our four country hubs gave insights into the challenges facing education systems and the development of sustainable futures in their contexts: Poonam Batra (India), Michael Tusiime (Rwanda), Latif Ismail and colleagues (Somalia/Somaliland) and Heila Lotz-Sisitka and colleagues (South Africa). Bristol student and climate change activist, Milly Sibson spoke about the importance of the youth movement in developing sustainable futures. Rousing musical contributions were made by Afon Sistema.

Special thanks to the wonderful artists at Creative Connection for capturing the essence of our event through a metavisioning exercise and visual minutes, and to B-Movies film company for producing a video record of the event.

The TESF family thanks all who attended the launch event for getting us off to a warm and enthusiastic start! Follow us on Twitter for news updates and visit our Resources pages and YouTube Channel for more about what we’ve been up to since the January launch.