SOCSA’s Somaliland slamdunk!

Due to cultural and religious customs, many Somali women find themselves locked out of participation in the kind of sports which so many other girls around the world take for granted.

Times are changing though and a growing number of parents are supporting their daughters to travel long distances to the Somaliland Culture and Sports Association (SOCSA) stadium. SOCSA stadium is the only place in Hargeisa where girls basketball is permitted. This trend seems to be catching on and the demand for girls’ sports is increasing. For the team at SOCSA stadium this is encouraging.When asked about why she chose to pick up the camera and tell her story in film, Ms. Asma Jama explains her hopes that the film will help raise awareness of the importance of women’s sport in all aspects of life, from health to social interaction. 

However, in this story it wasn’t just the women’s basketball that some citizens of Hargeisa found surprising. For Asma, becoming a female filmmaker was an equally radical act and she describes the surprise on people’s faces as she gathered some of her footage in the street markets of the city.

Looking to the future, Asma hopes that her film can be passed on to the community and that it will help to change attitudes towards women’s basketball for the better.

This post was written by Luke Meterlerkamp, Digital Weavers