The TESF Network Plus will develop a number of open-access resources over the lifetime of the project. These will include visual minutes of events, videos, briefing notes, background papers and project reports which you can browse here.

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Rwanda Engagement Workshop

These videos were recorded during the Rwanda hub engagement workshop which took place in Kigali on 12 March 2020.

Introducing TESF

This briefing note introduces the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures (TESF) Network Plus and how it seeks to develop the knowledge, skills and agency needed to contribute to transforming education for sustainable development.

The Case for Transformative Public Education

briefing-note , covid-19-related-research
This paper reflects the collective experience of participants in the network in terms of responses to Covid-19 and constitutes a rapid response to the current crisis in the light of the network's collective practical and research experience.

Addressing Cross-cutting Inequalities in TESF

TESF has identified three cross-cutting inequalities which will be addressed through the work of the network. These inequalities relate to gender, poverty and the devaluation of indigenous knowledge as an ongoing legacy of European colonialism. This briefing note provides a set of reflective questions which are intended to stimulate thinking about assumptions, thinking and practice within the network.

Climate Change and Education

This briefing note provides a short summary of some of the current debates and state of the research in relation to climate change and education.

Learning for Sustainable Livelihoods: Beyond SDG 8

This briefing note focuses on how learning for all, but especially marginalised groups, can be transformed to support decent, sustainable livelihoods as part of just transitions.

TESF Introductory Video

A video introducing the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures (TESF) Network Plus.

TESF Introductory Video Extended Play

An extended video introduction to the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures (TESF) Network Plus.

TESF Network Plus Inception

These images, developed by artists from Creative Connection, capture the essence of the workshops, presentations and discussions which took place during the network's inception events in January 2020.