Knowledge Co-creation in Action: Learning from the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Network. A methodological sourcebook

Knowledge Co-creation in Action

The TESF network funded 67 projects across the four countries of research focus: India, Rwanda, Somalia/ Somaliland and South Africa. Researchers within the network sought to synthesise emerging findings and to generate learning from across the projects and diversity of global South contexts, and we share this here. It is in the spirit of sharing these learnings that we frame this as a ‘sourcebook’ rather than as a more conventional report.

The purpose of this sourcebook is to provide a critical overview of what we have learned as a network from our experiences of applying knowledge co-creation as a transformative practice in economically constrained and highly unequal contexts.  It is not intended as a ‘how to do it’ guide to knowledge co-creation. Nonetheless, we hope that through presenting a candid overview of the opportunities and barriers we faced in implementing a co-creative approach to researching education for sustainable futures, the sourcebook will serve as a valuable resource for others interested in adopting a similar approach in their own context.

This publication forms part of a series of Synthesis reports generated by the TESF Network.

Please also see the four TESF Hub synthesis reports for more on each TESF Hub context and projects:

Country: India, Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland, South Africa,
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