Climate and Environmental Justice Education

Climate and Environmental Justice Education

Transformative education responses across all levels and forms of education are needed.

Co-created research across the TESF Network shows that environmental degradation and climate change are not distant issues to be learned about some time in the future. They are here, they are real, and they are impacting on the most marginalised communities directly, affecting their livelihoods, ways of being and their futures.

Read our Call to Action and evidence informed recommendations for transformative education that advance climate and environmental justice.

This Call to Action is one of six:

  • Climate and Environmental Justice Education
  • Education for Sustainable Livelihoods
  • Education for Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • Tackling Intersecting Inequalities
  • Knowledge co-creation for transforming education for sustainable futures
  • Ethical partnerships for collaborative action and learning
Country: India, Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland, South Africa,
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