Building a Reciprocal Relationship between Education and SDG 11

This paper addresses the following points:

  • Building a reciprocal relationship between education and the SDGs is a prerequisite for urban transformation and sustainability.
  • In a predominantly urban world, educating for all the SDGs must have an increasing urban sensitivity and also be able to address the specialist needs of SDG11.
  • Education to support SDG11 is a new area, that is currently not well defined or actively supported by formal and informal educational curricula.
  • Urban education for sustainable development needs complex skills development, even beyond that offered in traditional urban curricula.
  • So far, pedagogic innovation has come from within the urban sector itself and has had strong traction in the global south and more limited take up in the global north.
  • Focusing on the experiences of the southern urban training hubs, we showcase urban higher educational innovation across MOOCs, new courses, new universities, new education networks. These examples demonstrate how a focus on sustainable development can be structured to provide a whole city perspective; these are examples that can and must be scaled up.
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