Knowledge Co-creation in Action: Learning from the Transforming Education for Sustainable Futures Network. A methodological sourcebook

Inequalities have increased in all regions of the world. There are yawning gaps between the privileged and the unprivileged

India TESF Hub Synthesis Report

TESF India commissioned a total of 23 projects across diverse areas and methods of enquiry, various geographical sites and communities with a range of research questions and points of intervention, to explore the dynamic relationship between education and sustainable futures.

Rwanda TESF Hub Synthesis Report

TESF Rwanda funded 14 research projects in line with the TESF objective of mobilising capacity to undertake existing and future research in the areas of climate action, livelihood, and sustainable cities.

Somalia/Somaliland TESF Hub Synthesis Report

TESF Somalia / Somaliland funded 15 research projects focusing specifically on how education can contribute to more sustainable livelihoods, sustainable cities, and climate action.

South Africa TESF Hub Synthesis Report

This report offers a synthesis of learnings that have emerged through a network of 14 projects commissioned by the South African Hub of the TESF Network.