Reflections on using participatory methods in higher education research with youth

This peaceful and reflective film digs a little deeper in the process of participatory research from an academic’s perspective. This film unpacks the all-too-often unseen side of participatory research speaking to the highs, the lows and the daily grind.

As Mikatheko explains, “although participatory research projects are fulfilling, facilitating them requires skills that we are not necessarily equipped with as higher education researchers, despite our training. This means that much of what we learn about facilitating these research processes happens on the go.”

Without glamourising the process she explains, “I hope it gives a sense of what being a part of participatory research projects is like, when looked at from a facilitator’s perspective.”

If you are considering using participatory research methods in your own work, this film is for you.

This post was written by Luke Meterlerkamp, Digital Weavers