Water mapping as community-based activist research and education for the water commons 

This is a proposal for a community-based activist research process that supports the work of the Africa Water Commons Collective in organizing for urban water justice and feeds into environmental education research on water justice pedagogy. The focus of this project is the implementation and development of a water mapping tool that can be used by community based activists to build understanding, co-create knowledge and act towards just, sustainable water management that is responsive to the reality of people living in Global South urban contexts. This process will develop an evidence base from which communities can engage with their decision makers, build connections across urban housing struggles and inform better water access policy. Given the context of increased water privatization that affects poor households disproportionately and increasingly puts the water commons at risk, this project seeks to counter dominant political economies of water in municipalities grappling with inequality and austerity.

More information about the project

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Key Themes:
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: south africa
Principal Investigator: Anna James (Rhodes University)
Co-Investigators: Faeza Meyer (African Water Commons Collective), Ebrahiem Fourie (African Water Commons Collective), Koni Benson (University of Western Cape)
Host Organisation: Rhodes University
Duration: 11 months