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Universities as sustainable communities

To use participatory storytelling to co-create with university student activist groups, knowledge on what it means and what it takes to build sustainable communities in the context of one historically white South Africa University (The University of the Free State, UFS). Although the project focuses on one university, the findings will yield data that can inform debates and conversations on educational development and sustainability in the higher education space, through academic and non-academic publications and engagement strategies, that will expand the reach of our findings to other students and student activists across the country, and to stakeholders in the TESF network.

More information about the project

Key Themes:
Decolonising Research and Addressing Inequalities
Location: south africa
Principal Investigator: Mikateko Mathebula
Co-Investigators: Carmen Martinez-Vargas, Faith Mkwananzi
Host Organisation: University of the Free State
Partners: Next Chapter Mental Health Advocacy Group, Fraternity of Politiks, UFS Debate Society, Pan-African Students' Organisation, Stingy Men's Association, Student Alcoholic Anonymous, Student Command Battalion, Black Lawyers Association Student Chapter, Institutional Representative Council, IRAWA, 1-G Club & SASCO UFS, UFS Food Sovereignty Campaign & UFS Poetry Club
Duration: 12 months