Uncanny Lore: transgressive learning in the legal sovereignty of Indigenous legal practitioners for sustainability and climate action

The Uncanny Lore project will be investigating transgressive learning approaches that situate culture and heritage in grounded and contextually co-created applied legal theory, that can de-centre law’s traditional conventions of culture, and support legal practitioners in a process of transgressive social (un-)learning. This is important because many Indigenous peoples in Southern Africa working at the frontlines of the climate crisis, have to also navigate Eurocentric law struggles that currently struggle to embrace the fluid character of culture. This project situates itself in thematic area of Education and sustainable livelihoods with a contribution to climate action through extra-legal approaches. The main aims are to seek inspiration, guidance and transgressive social learning from indigenous arts and lore, that can contribute to the creative collaborative development of a new legal pedagogy that is grounded and embodies practices for heritage law and policy.

Key Themes:
Climate Action
Decolonising Research and Addressing Inequalities
Location: south africa
Principal Investigator: Luke Kaplan
Co-Investigators: Kileni Fernando, Ivan Vaalbooi, Saskia Vermeylen, Dylan McGarry
Host Organisation: Rhodes University
Duration: 12 months