The Olifants River estuary on the West Coast near Lutzville. (Photo: John Yeld)

Tipping the social learning scale in favour of sustainable land justice for women who are land dispossessed and those from mining towns

To explore, enhance and transform the social-learning of women in rural and landless contexts who are engaged in agro-ecology, but face barriers of hostile industrial companies and an unfriendly learning atmosphere as a result of the shift in technology that women experience in mining towns and the socio-environmental impact on their lives; to inquire how women have engaged and responded to these barriers and used their agency to enhance and build the quality of their lives and create sustainable futures.

More information about the project

Key Themes:
Climate Action
Decolonising Research and Addressing Inequalities
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: south africa
Principal Investigator: Vainola Makan
Co-Investigators: Wendy Pekeur, Shanel Johannes, (M and E) Maryna, Davine Cloete
Host Organisation: 1000 Women Trust
Duration: 5 months