Sustainable technical and vocational education and training

Not much has been written about Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in the context of East Africa. The more general scholarship on TVET has at its heart the concept of just transition from the current global system to one that is more equal, fair and in balance with the natural world. This project built on this research by engaging critically with the research question ‘How can TVET promote sustainable development?’ using a local technical school as a case study. This case study sought to generate knowledge of relevance to scholars and practitioners within and beyond the region, and focused on the following themes: aspirations, decent work, gender equality, and poverty reduction.

The project illustrated the lack of awareness of what TVET is with many primary, secondary and university graduates not knowing what the term TVET means. The interviews with government officials enabled us to share this finding with them.

Upon the completion of the project, the Ministry of Education has pledged that they will allocate the necessary resources to increase advocacy for TVET at high schools across the country. The Ministry of Labour has also pledged to increase the number of public TVET centres across Somalia.

The project has allowed for emphasis to be put on controversial issues such as gender equality and the discrimination of marginalised communities symbolising the importance and demand for such research to take place. During the project the implementation a GESI (Gender Equality and Social Inclusion) strategy from the project’s findings has been initiated. The TVET centre is looking to increase the number of female participants by adding courses suggested in the workshop and is looking to address issues such as childcare with the Ministry of Labour.

A clear success of the project was the number of companies that are interested in TVET graduates, companies such as BECO which stated they would look to change their company requirements and preferences towards individuals with a TVET diploma and certificates. 


Key Themes:
Climate Action
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: somalia