Skills development for work readiness and youth employability in five targeted districts of Rwanda

The Skills Development for Work Readiness and Youth Employability (SDYE) project is a continuity of an existing initiative, the Huguka Dukore Youth Empowerment Project, which concluded its activities in April 2021. It was implemented by African Newlife Ministries (ANM) in partnership with USAID Education Development Center. It focused on providing capacity building to 1590 (1086 females and 504 male) vulnerable youth in 4 districts: Kicukiro, Bugesera, Kayonza and Rubavu. This time, the ANM proposes to partner with Highland Center for Leadership and Development (L4D) to implement the SDYE project in order to address issues that were not addressed in the previous initiative. Those issues include: (i) the lack of evidence to inform alignment of skills development efforts with the available employment opportunities on Rwanda’s labor market, education policy decisions, and programming, (ii) the ANLM lacks evidence to inform the scalability and replication of work readiness packages through the Incubation Entrepreneurship program and other Youth empowerment initiatives that are at planning phase. This project proposes to mobilize 326 vulnerable youth (222 female and 104 male) in the capacity building activities and data collection process in order to generate evidences that inform the design of a strong Youth empowerment initiative.

Key Themes:
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: rwanda
Principal Investigator: John Rwirahire
Co-Investigators: Judith Kaitesi Katabarwa, Eugene Mugisha, Patrick Byiringiro
Host Organisation: Africa New Life Ministries
Partners: High Lands Center for Leadership & Development
Duration: 12 months