From left to right: Principal Sue Govender (Northdale Primary School), Ms Penny Shozi (PfPSA), Mr Reggie Mchunu (Pannar – Business leader working with Nyonithwelel Secondary School), Mr Muzi Mhlungo (African Enterprises – Business leader working with Copewell Primary School), Principal Lungisani Mhlope (Copewell Primary School), Dr Logan Govender (UJ), Prof Kat Yassim (white dress in front) – (UJ)

School principals as conduits for sustainable livelihoods in agricultural communities in rural South Africa 

The main focus of this project, is to empower school principals towards re-imagining education towards sustainable livelihoods. It encompasses ecologies of learning through reflexive and ongoing transgressive co-engagements with education for sustainable development with community partners, through school culture change, teacher development and pedagogical transformations in classrooms. An established leadership intervention program based on a 70:20:10 model has been set up with 4 school leaders and 4 business leaders who engage in a year-long program that focuses on the leadership of education for sustainable livelihoods. Using PALAR (Zuber-Skeritt, 2012) as the research strategy action plans are co-created and implemented. In this regard the research targeted at three levels:

  • The PfPSA leadership model (the solution incubator)
  • The nature of the school community partnerships; and
  • School-based instructional leadership of teachers (and various pedagogical experiments)

More information about the project

Key Themes:
Decolonising Research and Addressing Inequalities
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: south africa
Principal Investigator: Kathija Yassim
Co-Investigators: Logan Govender, Bridget Johnson, Komala Pillay
Host Organisation: University of Johannesburg
Duration: 12 months