Research on ability of education to contribute to climate action in Rwanda

This project intends to analyze the way of mitigating the effect of climate change through empowering youth by providing them with a type of education that enables them to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes required to contain climate change challenges. To achieve its objectives, the team will investigate the role of formal (with emphasis on primary education) and informal education in the process of enhancing the community resilience to climate challenges. The inquiry will take place in both the Northern and Western Provinces of Rwanda as those two geographical areas are observed to have the greatest effects of climate change. The team will analyze the curriculum implemented in primary school and the training programs that are implemented in informal education in order to identify gaps and propose solutions in both formal and informal education for ways that community climate resilience can be empowered. This will be achieved through curriculum review, questionnaire deployment with different education stakeholders, and interviews with teachers in order to understand whether the current education programs provide adequate skills, knowledge and attitudes that enable communities to effectively respond to climate change effects.

Key Themes:
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: rwanda
Principal Investigator: Elias Bizuru
Co-Investigators: Faustin Vuningoma, Florida Mutamuliza, Senene Peter Muvara
Host Organisation: Safer Rwanda
Partners: University of Rwanda, Rwanda Climate Change and Development Network
Duration: 8 months