Learning Seeds Network Collage

(Re)imagining Greater Muizenberg: nurturing seeds of transgressive learning

We wished to understand how courageous (transgressive) forms of education and learning could strengthen our communities to dismantle our historical legacy of racism and inequality and create just, sustainable futures together. With a focus on building relationships across historical divides and the co-creation of the whole research process, we sought to carry out our research using action research methodologies involving collective exploration, experimentation, reflection and knowledge co-creation.

Our Muizenberg-based researchers formed a collaborative network (Learning Seeds Network), representing learning-focused local organisations from across the spatial divides of Muizenberg’s Apartheid legacy. This network includes the following organisations among others, and will grow throughout the project: New Muizenberg School; Muizenberg Community Garden; Harmony’s Angels Food Kitchen; Muiz Kitchen; Amava Oluntu; Ingcungcu Sunbird Restoration; Fit for Life; Jungle Theatre; Loxion Library, Sozo Foundation, Fynbos life, InMotion studio, and Uvuno Hub.

The researchers aimed to carry out workshops, hold ‘in action’ dialogue spaces, conduct interviews and action-research experiments within and across the organisations within the network, and with community-members from these organisations’ broader networks. The exact research instruments and questions were to be co-developed by the network’s research Dream Teams (Nature, Food & Gardens, Education & Learning, and Creative Voices) as part of the collaborative research process. The creative research outputs seek to offer a ‘living-lab’ example of Muizenberg as an ecosystem of learning for a more just, sustainable collective future.

Key Themes:
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Location: south africa
Principal Investigator: Monwabisi Dasi, Bridget Steffen and Sandile Fanana
Co-Investigators: Nomaphelo Nkolonzi, Kate Deliana Ferguson, Chrislyn Linnett, Katherine Whaling, Angela Mac Pherson, Elona Mteto
Host Organisation: Amava Oluntu
Duration: 12 months