Promoting employer understanding of the capabilities of deaf people


In order to promote the capabilities of deaf people to employers in ways that meet the aspirations of the deaf people, this project focused on generating new knowledge about solving the inequalities associated with deaf people. We aimed to then share that knowledge with deaf people and stakeholders (especially employers). 

The project involved the following:

  • Employability information booklet
  • National disability internships
  • Mogadishu employment convention for the disabled 


  • Rights of deaf people addressed 
  • Access to decision making
  • Creation of employment opportunities
  • Creation of networks/partnerships with the deaf people
  • Need for special education for the deaf-raised

Key Recommendations

  • The deaf community has recommended the project resume to advance the rights and the cause of the deaf people in Somalia.
  • The deaf community has recommended that the project focus more on ways of creating more employment and business opportunities for deaf people with deaf people and related stakeholders (especially employers).

The dissemination will be aimed at people in the local context and those researching the role of education in sustainable development outside the region. Knowledge gained from the project will contribute to understanding of the social, health and economic barriers that deaf people face in the region, and in other deaf communities that face similar challenges. The research will engage critically with literature on the relationships between sign language, sustainable development and equal opportunities.

Key Themes:
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: somalia

If you’d like to know more, you can contact the project Principal Investigator here.