Model Eco School in the Horn of Africa

The Horn of Africa has in many ways been affected by recurrent climatic shocks. Climate change and its risks has apparently exacerbated the situation which is manifested in higher temperatures, extended periods of droughts, floods, cyclones and torrential rains, and biodiversity loss. Schools have not been spared from the effects. In an environment of ongoing and deepening climate crises, children and vulnerable families in the region are affected by water scarcity, poor water quality, poor sanitation, and inadequate hygiene practices in schools. These are particularly disastrous for older children who need to spend long hours in school. This project seeks to address these issues through piloting a model Eco School with direct interventions in the school environment. The Eco Schools model advocates for holistic interventions that better adapt schools to the existing context and make children key actors in the dissemination of effective and innovative practices. This pilot project will provide evidence on the value of Eco Schools and how it can be implemented in other schools in the region.

Key Themes:
Climate Action
Location: somalia