February 2022: the whole NEET research team coming together for the first time

Meet the ‘NEET’: exploring the lived experiences of Rwandan girls and young women not in employment, education or training

The project builds around the assumption that education is one of the main preconditions for women to easily access the labor market. It also builds around the fact that within the last 25 years, the government of Rwanda has massively promoted gender equality in access to education at all levels and gender equality across all sectors, though existing data show that there is still a significant gender employment gap among the youth. In that framework, the project proposes to analyze the interaction between factors that constraint Rwandan girls and young women while entering the labor market. Thus, it focuses on a specific category of women known as “Not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET)”. It aims to provide insight into how these girls and young women negotiate the challenges they encounter; the process they follow while making decisions and the options at their disposal. The project aims to work with different stakeholders (University of Rwanda, Girl Effect Rwanda, stakeholders working in Social Behavior Change programs, girls and young women in the NEET category, etc.) and to employ a cross-sectional mixed method research approach in order to answer the research questions. Two reports, one scientific article and a policy brief are expected from this project in order to inform relevant policies, programs and campaigns targeting girls/women in education and employment.

More information about the project

Key Themes:
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: rwanda
Principal Investigator: Jolly Rubagiza
Co-Investigators: Ilaria Buscaglia, Edward Katwaza
Host Organisation: University of Rwanda
Partners: Girl Effect Rwanda
Duration: 12 months