Leadership towards a sustainable circular economy in the Horn of Africa

Circular economy (CE) is a sustainable development strategy that tackles urgent environmental degradation and resource efficiency. CE has 3R principles to optimise use of the materials: reduce energy and resource extraction, reuse materials over and over again and finally, recycle them at the end of their lifecycle. This study was conducted in a Somalia-based Hormuud telecoms company. The purpose of the study was to examine Hormuud telecom’s leadership towards a circular economy. The largest telecommunication company in Somalia offers voice, internet, GSM and renewable energy.

The main objective was to examine how Hormuud telecom can contribute to a circular economy in order to help stakeholders involved in organisations committed to the transition towards a circular economy.

This study investigated “Hormuud: leadership towards a sustainable circular economy in Somalia” It adopted a descriptive survey method using a quantitative approach that generates and uses statistics and numerical data. The study found that Hormuud telecom can include sustainable circular economy to design its products and services according to circular economy principles:

  • sustainable business and environmentally friendly products and services,
  • recycle and reuse product materials,
  • building business leadership transition to circular economy 
  • set out measurement process to indicate and monitor implementation of eco-business system.  
Key Themes:
Climate Action
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: somalia