From aid to sustainability in education

The Somali Hope Foundation has been founded to ensure that there is free access to education for disadvantaged children in Bursalah. In an effort to promote access to free education to disadvantaged children, the Community Education Committee of the foundation came up with the initiative to transition from doner dependence to financial self-reliance. To achieve this objective, this project was initiated to develop a sustainable source of revenue to the school. The project was divided into three phases that included; drilling of the water source (a well), erecting a water storage tank, and distributing water to the school, livestock keepers and the community of Bursalah.

The project adopted a participatory methodology while employing a qualitative design method. Under this approach the project team used interviews and focus group discussions to collect data from the participants, and the study team reviewed documents to complement on the findings. The study participants included members of the Community Education Committee.

The study identified that stability and peaceful environment were key in promoting financial stability. It was also found that the community should be sensitised and encouraged to take their children to school. and that the school should devise other income generating activities other than depending on doner finances. It was discovered that developing a quality and stable curriculum is key to attracting students. The study also discovered that the project is likely to succeed because of the designed plan. Additionally the study discovered that the project has provided access to water for domestic use and animals. The project has also reduced the prevalence water related diseases.

The following recommendations are proposed aspects to the project.

  • The community should be more involved in income generating activities to enhance the income of the school
  • A sound management should be established to manage the school and the water company
  • More partners should be engaged to generate more income
  • It is also recommended that residential facilities should be developed to accommodate learners whose parents are always on the move.
Key Themes:
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: somalia