Research participants with PI and field facilitator in Musanze Sector

Empowerment of women for Gender Based Violence (GBV) prevention: a case study of Musanze and Cyuve sectors in Musanze district

In the last two decades, Rwanda has recorded great achievements in terms of women empowerment and gender equality. Legal instruments, policies, institutional mechanisms and procedures have been established. However, despite the observed achievements, Gender Based Violence is still a persisting challenge to the Rwandan community. Based on the assumption that empowerment of women through increased knowledge and income opportunities reduces the unequal power relationships between women and men and therefore reduces the Gender Based Violance, this project seeks to work with HAGURUKA, a non-governmental organization that promotes and advocates for women’s and children’s rights, to enhance knowledge, skills and attitudes of women from Cyuve sector, Musanze district. The project proposes to use qualitative approaches and mobilize 20 women and 20 men from the area of study. It intends to collect qualitative data from different categories of vulnerable women and men or other key informants (local leaders, CSOs, etc.). The process will lead to the development of training manuals and policy briefs on women’s empowerment to prevent and respond to gender based violances.

More information about the project

Key Themes:
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: rwanda
Principal Investigator: Justine Mirembe
Co-Investigators: Betty Gahima, Christine Tuyisenge, Eugene Rusanganwa
Host Organisation: Haguruka
Duration: 12 months