City expanding at Masoro, Gasabo

Coping with Kigali urban growth challenges: educating communities for building livelihood resilience and wellbeing

The project starts from the observation of the extend to which the rapid growth and modernization of the City of Kigali affect the native residents of the encroached zones who are forced to sell their lands and struggle to adopt new living style in unplanned settlements or being pushed to remote rural zones where they hardly start new livelihoods. In that framework, this project aims to explore the way of making the city expansion an opportunity for the residents while contributing to sustainable urban planning. It intends to find innovative approaches to educate people threatened by the city’s growth to secure their urban living conditions through two schemes: Financial literacy and innovative Community Development Initiative Projects (CDIP) resulting from educative strategies for coping with urban changes. These CDIPs may include among others the space utilization, 3 levels income skills (Higher income, Lower expenses- Smart investment), urban agricultural technology and food security, and clean cooking energy. The proposed methodology consists of conducting a situational analysis of the social, economic and ecological challenges of rapid expansion on Kigali’ suburbs /periurban areas, formulate the training tools and educate the affected residents for building livelihood resilience and wellbeing.

More information about the project

Key Themes:
Sustainable Cities and Communities
Location: rwanda
Principal Investigator: Vincent Manirakiza
Co-Investigators: Fidèle Niyitanga, Josephine Malonza, Innocent Muhire
Host Organisation: University of Rwanda
Duration: 10 months