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Community digital literacy project

Digital Art Works is cooperative created by a group of poor youth (mainly girls and teen mothers) from the remote area of Nyagatare District. They have identified weaving and home décor as their main activities. They make clothes, tablemats, and beads for women. This cooperative faces many challenges due to lack of skills and competences in modern weaving, lack of entrepreneurial skills, and digital skills which could enable them to access to online content to learn, connect or network, market their products, and make demand-driven and market-oriented products. In that framework, the project intends to empower 25 members of Digital Art Works cooperative with digital and entrepreneurial skills to help them increase income and scale up their livelihoods. The project proposes to conduct a research in order to understand their needs and skills. From the research findings, the project intends to develop training materials that respond to identified needs and gaps and conduct trainings accordingly. After the training, the project proposes to equip the cooperative with technological materials (computers and other machines). The beneficiaries are expected to use the knowledge acquired through the provided trainings to improve their productivity and eventually their livelihood

More information about the project

Key Themes:
Sustainable Livelihoods
Location: rwanda
Principal Investigator: Flora Mutezigaju
Co-Investigators: Emmanuel Nshizirungu, Flora Muteteri, John Musemakweri, Anne Lise Uwingabiye
Host Organisation: Digital Art Work Cooperative
Partners: University of Rwanda, Rwanda Polytechnics, Mind Africa, Digital Opportunity Trust
Duration: 12 months