Nourishing Communities: a quest for ECD centres to develop agency to grow, eat and share healthy food

Nourishing communities

The short film sheds light on the “1stWeEat!” project in the start-up phase in the town of Makhanda, South Africa, showcasing its mission to address food security challenges in early childhood development (ECD) centres. Filmmaker Lausanne Olvitt said the film highlights the urgent need for interventions such as small-scale food gardens and the significant role they can play in nurturing communities.

The “1stWeEat!” project emphasises empowering local communities and ensuring that children have access to nutritious meals. It sheds light on the challenges faced by communities in Makhanda, emphasising the importance of sustainable solutions to combat hunger and improve nutritional outcomes for the youngest members of the community.

In the film, Boniwe Msimango, an ECD facilitator, shares that “in most of the children’s lives, the only proper meal they receive is from the ECD centres”. Mama Gqonqa adds further that what children need is “education and something to fill up the stomach. Because with an empty stomach, you can’t do anything”. 

Through these heartfelt interviews, the film captures the inspiring stories of educators working directly with children,who embrace the opportunity to provide nutritious meals as a first step for children in their care.

This post was written by Rosie Downey and Micky Tiago, Digital Weavers,