How we work

Mobilising capacities is central to how we work towards the network’s aims. This involves:

  • A relational, asset-based view of capacity
  • Working collaboratively
  • Equitable principles for partnership working
  • Opening spaces for collaborative action and learning

Reflexive Monitoring in Action 

We developed a framework to help us monitor, evaluate and learn through our work. Our approach encourages reflexive monitoring in action, designed to maximise the positive impact of initiatives which operate in complex environments and which aspire for structural changes at the systems level. A key aspect of reflexive monitoring in action is broad participation in processes of monitoring and evaluation through iterative cycles of observation, analysis, reflection and adjustment at project level, linked to the wider ambitions for change articulated at the network level. 

Funded projects received support for reflexive monitoring in action through critical friends at the hub level who, in turn, were supported by the network’s Leadership Team.