Hear us now!

Hear us now
Anna Koordom, featured on Wendy’s film.

We took a few moments to catch up with Wendy Pekeur, an activist and educator who has been working to raise the voices of marginalized women against mining in South Africa.

TESF: Your area has been flooded with mining applications for oil and gas, yet local women’s voices raising concerns about environmental issues are silenced and ignored. What did you seek to show through your film?

Wendy: The film is to show the impact of capacity building, how women’s voices grow stronger when they come together and how they challenged their marginalization and exclusion.

TESF: What is the key message that you want people to take away from your work?

Wendy: That there is power in unity.

TESF: What was your experience like making this film?

Wendy: It was heartwarming to see the confidence women gain through the training. To see their activism was like seeing a flower blossoming!