Healing is in the pot

In a country obsessed with meat, Bridget Ringdhal’s film ‘Healing is in the pot’, tells the story of One Planet SA’s exploration into changing mindsets towards plant-based diets.

Using a series of interactive cooking sessions and take-home recipes, the South African team from One Planet SA designed a multi-sensory learning process that was collaborative and fun, while at the same time getting through some heavy content on climate change, animal rights and nutrition.

As Bridget reminds us, ‘We are eating our way to extinction’ but ‘changing our diets to be more sustainable is the single most effective action we can all take that will have the greatest and most immediate impact on reducing climate impacts.’

However, the proof is in the pudding, and at the end of the day, their learning process seems to have won over the hearts and minds of those that signed up. The implications of the personal, caring and experiential approach which the team took has a lot to teach us about how to be effective in transforming personal and cultural preferences.

Watch their film to hear the refreshing reflections from participants who joined in on their journey into plant-based diets.

This post was written by Luke Meterlerkamp, Digital Weavers