Hands in the soil, singing to the sky

Thanks to the loving work of TESF grantees at the Institute for Natural Resources (INR), the walls of a small rural school in KwaZulu Natal, South Africa, are now ringing with song. Young green shoots are also sprouting from its soil. The INR’s work is a story about how two simple solutions, food gardens and choirs, were applied in a rural school to big effect.

As project leads Mzo Mndali, Lunga Dlungwana and Brigid Letty explained, their work highlights the need to expand learning beyond the classroom in order to develop different skills and capacities in under-resourced schools. This, they believe, also benefits schools by offering learners that battle in the conventional learning space an opportunity to shine.

Testimonials from teachers and parents describe the range of benefits which these simple and cost effective interventions have had on the lives of learners, teachers and the wider community.

According to Ms Ndigane, a teacher at Sifisosethu Primary School, “participating in the choir improved confidence and behavior”. Other teachers sing the praise of practical learning in the gardens on learners’ math skills. This is echoed by parents at the school.

This touching film is testament to the fact that simple solutions can yield profound results for rural learners.

This post was written by Luke Meterlerkamp, Digital Weavers