Empowering Women Through Theatre and Art

Empowering women

In a series of films created by Arundathi Vishwanath, Simran Uikey, and Sangam Kumari, the power of Theatre and Art in Education takes centre stage. Focused on Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques and Embodied Therapeutic Practices, this transformative work provides a space for women to connect with themselves and the world around them in a profound and embodied way. Through creative expression and grounded exploration, participants not only reclaim their agency but also foster dialogue about gender-based violence, paving the way for social change and transformation.

The films beautifully document the inspiring journey of 33 women who embarked on this intimately political experience. It showcases their personal growth and the radical impact of using theatre & therapeutic practices in rippling social change. Through processes anchored in body movement, art & nature-based activities , the participants discover their inner truths, process difficult emotions, and channel their efforts towards creating positive social change.

Highlighted in these films is the powerful outcome co-produced by the creation of a safe space for dialogue. As the women creatively explore their personal narratives that are embedded in socio-political issues through artistic expression, they also open the doors for discussions about gender-based violence. By sharing their stories and engaging with an audience of around 350 people, these courageous women initiate conversations that challenge harmful patriarchal norms and promote understanding and empathy.

The films’ creators hope to inspire viewers to delve into Theatre of the Oppressed Techniques and Embodied Therapeutic Practices – there are 6 films that educators can use as a “how to” in using these techniques in their own classrooms. They encourage experimentation with the games and activities showcased, inviting individuals to explore embodied ways of learning. By embracing these practices, people can tap into their inner landscapes, unravel the complexities of their socio-political entanglements, and catalyse personal and societal transformation.

Through the act of being interviewed on camera, the participants are invited to a reflective space, encouraging them to share deep personal insights. The camera becomes a co-creator in this introspective journey, capturing and enhancing the transformative experience.

By embracing theatre & therapeutic practices and fostering dialogue, these women demonstrate the magical influence of artistic expression in addressing societal challenges.

This post was written by Rosie Downey and Micky Tiago, Digital Weavers,