Call for Proposal Guidance – Somalia / Somaliland

The call in Somalia / Somaliland is by invitation only and is supported by our hub partners Transparency Solutions and Professor Eric Herring at the University of Bristol

Introducing the hub team

Timeline for the call for proposals in Somalia / Somaliland

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Country-specific Resources

Somalia/ Somaliland Country Briefing Note

This is a briefing note on transforming education for sustainable futures in Somalia/ Somaliland.

Somalia/ Somaliland Country Background Paper

This country background paper examines the issues of sustainable development and education with regards to the current situation in Somalia/Somaliland. It expands on the TESF Somalia/Somaliland Briefing Note, which sets out the need for education systems in Somalia and Somaliland to be transformed and provides valuable context to aid understanding, analysis of and action on education and United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

COVID-19 Responses and Education in Somalia/Somaliland

The research covered in this journal article, published in Sociology Mind, explores the educational and broader social impacts of Covid-19 control measures and efforts to compensate for those measures in the education sector in Somalia/Somaliland.

Warbihinty Covided - Covid-19 Iyooney Walbarashoody Somalia/ Somaliland

This is a translation of a research report in English into the Somali Maay dialect about impacts of Covid-19 responses on the education system in Somalia/ Somaliland.

Qoraal Kooban Oo Kusaabsan Covided – Koofidh-19 Iyo Waxbarashada Soomaaliya/ Somaliland

This is a Somali language translation of an English language research report about impacts of Covid-19 responses on the education system in Somalia/ Somaliland.