Call for proposals

We have invited applications from research teams interested in developing proposals that can assist us in meeting our research objectives. We expect to fund approximately 50 research projects in India, Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland and South Africa within an overall budget of £1.6m.

We will be awarding funding across two categories. 

Project duration: 12 months 
Start date: September 2021

FUNDING LEVEL: £10k-£30k 
Project duration: 12 months
Start date: September 2021

These awards are intended to support innovative pilot activities and activities that have a strong capacity building element. They are targeted at non-academics new to research and at Early Career Researchers

These awards are targeted at more experienced researchers and research teams. They should also be innovative in nature and support capacity building.

Important notices

  • The call document can be downloaded from the link below. Key information from the call document is published in the expandable blocks below which now also includes an FAQ section. We are updating the call document where necessary to provide greater clarity, and all changes are tracked in a table at the end of the call document. The most recent updates were made on 2 June 2021 to reflect the changes we have had to make to the maximum award level and the maximum project duration in response to a recent ODA funding cut.
  • The call document is supplemented by country-specific guidance, which contains important information on the application process and submission deadlines for each country. You can access this guidance by following the relevant country link at the bottom of this page or by selecting the relevant country under ‘Call for Proposals’ in the main menu at the top of this page.
  • Due to recent regulatory changes in India, this call is currently limited to Rwanda, Somalia/Somaliland and South Africa. We hope to be able to publish information on the call in India by the end of June 2021.

Links to country-specific guidance


India (call information to follow)